On Friendship

“But in view of the instability and perishableness of mortal things, we should be continually on the look-out for some to love and by whom to be loved; for if we lose affection and kindliness from our life, we lose all that gives it charm.”
On Friendship by Marcus Tullius Cicero

During Rain

To fill with rain our entire existence, to soothe tensions by listening to the sounds of drops falling on the roof, to soften ourselves with the smell of wet soil and vegetation, to calm our minds by watching painterly rainy landscape.
My sleepiness during rain make us find ourselves in the quiet.


About Old Age

“The fact is that, just as it is not every wine, so it is not every life, that turns sour from keeping. Serious gravity I approve of in old age, but, as in other things, it must be within due limits: bitterness I can in no case approve. What the object of senile avarice may be I cannot conceive. For can there be anything more absurd than to seek more journey money, the less there remains of the journey?”
On Old Age by Marcus Tullius Cicero

About Difficulties

Our mind deceives us cunningly. First, it seems to us that some challenges are beyond our strength and ability. Our thought is a nucleus of everything. Next, as a consequence of that thought, it is impossible to perform certain actions… In fact, even the most difficult human tasks are not so difficult as life without aspirations and ambitions that  leads to mental fatigue and irritability.




“Birds began twittering beneath the window and in the tree tops, the mist in the garden cleared away, and now everything was gilded by the spring sunlight, everything seemed to be smiling. In a short time the whole garden, warmed by the caresses of the sun, had sprung to life, and drops of dew gleamed like diamonds on the leaves of the trees. And the old, neglected garden was young and gay for that one morning.”
Betrothed by Anton Chekhov