Believe in Goodness


“You have acted kindly, very kindly, towards her. For every such deed God will bless you. Good deeds never go unrewarded, nor does virtue ever fail to win the crown of divine justice, be it early or be it late.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Poor Folk

About Literature


“What a splendid thing is literature, Barbara—what a splendid thing! This I learnt before I had known Rataziaev even for three days. It strengthens and instructs the heart of man…. No matter what there be in the world, you will find it all written down in Rataziaev’s works. And so well written down, too! Literature is a sort of picture—a sort of picture or mirror. It connotes at once passion, expression, fine criticism, good learning, and a document.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Poor Folk

In My Hands


“Look, people! You’re holding in your hands an impulse of inspiration, a thought bursting forth, a call to action, an idea! It’s right there in your hands. What more do you want? A sample of her blood, urine and feces for analysis? Is there no way you can do without that? After all, the greatest and most important proof is already sitting right in your hands!”

Vladimir Megre, Anastasia