Cat in Literature

For many years the father had had a terribly untidy old cat and all the house was being permeated with stench from that cat.
The Summons by John Grisham

By the way, I am proud of myself for being a clean cat. I clean all parts of my body. And I always use the litter box.





” One could draw deep breaths, and imagine that somewhere, far beyond the town, beneath the sky, above the treetops, in the fields and woods, the spring was beginning its own life, that mysterious, exquisite life, rich and sacred, from which sinful mortals are shut out.”
The Betrothed by Anton Chekhov

Only Love Leads to Real Life

Human cunning has no limits.

The character of Andersen’s fairy tale The Tinderbox, the princess was locked in a big copper castle with many walls and towers around it. She was locked because of a prophecy that said she’d marry a common soldier.

The soldier was put in jail and condemned to death.

People can prolong the process of grappling with nature of love, but in the end they lose.

The king acted shrewdly. The queen was a very wise woman. In fact, they acted against themselves and weakened themselves. In the end they were tossed in the air and broken into pieces.

Eventually, the princess married the soldier.
History has proven many times  that the law of life is the same as law of love.

We believe that the legal jungle protects us: rules, paragraphs, regulations, codes, ordinances, regulations, permits and directives. We think that the military solutions protect us . All efforts work, but only for a time, then turn against us.


About Protection Personal Data

In the 19th century :
“Most of us - Xes (unknown). No one knows who we are, what we are, where we …”
Buckwheat groats praise themselves by Anton Chekhov

Does humanity really want to protect personal data?

Today people are throwing their data around so thoughtlessly.

All the indications are that in the future people will permit the ruling power to control their minds.

We and All Things Around

Never underestimate your experiences and observations, even if they are in complete contradiction to the claims of others.

“In demanding objectivity for basic statements as well as for other scientific statements, we deprive ourselves of any logical means by which we might have hoped to reduce the truth of scientific statements to our experiences.”
The Logic of Scientific Discovery by Karl Popper

We Should Strive for Harmony

“The language was silent, but the brain was working. This brain was looking for way. Shouldn’t I take revenge on that insolent, disrespectful girl!”
The revenge by Anton Chekhov

Language, words are unlimited potential. There is an infinite number of combinations to express content. But the lips are silent, and the head is working hard until it evaporates.

The human body is extremely flexible. It can make a boundless number of moves. But instead of moving, the muscles start to stiff from the jaw and neck, then stiffness affects the whole body.

The human mind is creative. It can create magical worlds without limitation. But unconsciously people choose to lead a bare existence.

And an unreserved number of actions you can take. But sleepiness, feeling dizzy, restlessness and  slowness of movement appear.

The lack of harmony between the word body, mind and deed is a basic limitation in life. Man as an imperfect being, always fails to reach this harmony. Thankfully, this unequalled idea is excellent, because man is a mortal creature. Obtaining  the perfect state of harmony would stop the stride and solidify the dullness. But when human does not try to strive for this harmony and prefers to live in the split, the problems arise.

 I think we would avoid serious troubles. If only we could find the right balance between words, deeds, body movement and thoughts.