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About Estimation

“We think that we can estimate the situation, but  in fact we cultivate a mental self-abuse, trying to please our loving to be right ego.”

Dariusz Juzyszyn, Radical Reduction of Stress



We do not need to split atoms into smaller parts. Fragmented knowledge does not make us more knowledgeable.

“We can’t know everything, how and wherefore,” said the old man. “It is ordained for the bird to have not four wings but two because it is able to fly with two; and so it is ordained for man not to know everything but only a half or a quarter. As much as he needs to know so as to live, so much he knows.”

Anton Chekhov, In The Ravine

In My Hands


“Look, people! You’re holding in your hands an impulse of inspiration, a thought bursting forth, a call to action, an idea! It’s right there in your hands. What more do you want? A sample of her blood, urine and feces for analysis? Is there no way you can do without that? After all, the greatest and most important proof is already sitting right in your hands!”

Vladimir Megre, Anastasia