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About Difficulties

Our mind deceives us cunningly. First, it seems to us that some challenges are beyond our strength and ability. Our thought is a nucleus of everything. Next, as a consequence of that thought, it is impossible to perform certain actions… In fact, even the most difficult human tasks are not so difficult as life without aspirations and ambitions that  leads to mental fatigue and irritability.



We Should Strive for Harmony

“The language was silent, but the brain was working. This brain was looking for way. Shouldn’t I take revenge on that insolent, disrespectful girl!”
The revenge by Anton Chekhov

Language, words are unlimited potential. There is an infinite number of combinations to express content. But the lips are silent, and the head is working hard until it evaporates.

The human body is extremely flexible. It can make a boundless number of moves. But instead of moving, the muscles start to stiff from the jaw and neck, then stiffness affects the whole body.

The human mind is creative. It can create magical worlds without limitation. But unconsciously people choose to lead a bare existence.

And an unreserved number of actions you can take. But sleepiness, feeling dizzy, restlessness and  slowness of movement appear.

The lack of harmony between the word body, mind and deed is a basic limitation in life. Man as an imperfect being, always fails to reach this harmony. Thankfully, this unequalled idea is excellent, because man is a mortal creature. Obtaining  the perfect state of harmony would stop the stride and solidify the dullness. But when human does not try to strive for this harmony and prefers to live in the split, the problems arise.

 I think we would avoid serious troubles. If only we could find the right balance between words, deeds, body movement and thoughts. 


Human or Machine

Use online translator, and you get a load of crap. This programmed machine can translate only to a small extent.
Leaving translations aside, let us look at everyday life. The human being can also act as a programmed machine. He does not use his inner wisdom. His true knowledge is being put to sleep. A man acting like an automaton succumbs to another automaton’s will. Consequently, we
achieve the explosive mixture.

About Addiction

“Those who suffer from addiction usually have both decreased functioning in the prefrontal cortex (area of the brain) and overactivity in the cingulate gyrus (area of the brain).  On the one hand, the poor functioning of the prefrontal cortex affects perception and judgment, causes them not to think about the consequences of their own behavior.  On the other hand, there is a tendency to worry and think so much, that they are looking for immediate relief anyway they can.”
Healing the Mind:  The Nexus between Contemporary Psychology and Eastern Christian Practice by Erik Bohlin, M.A., LMHC

Addiction as Transmissible Disease

“You, Ilka, think so,” said the baron, “just because you do not know the life. You have recently told me that you are miserable; and yet you just have an outlook on life as sybarite that cannot distinguish copper from iron. How old are you? Seventeen? Beauty, it’s time to know the life! Life – it’s such a disgusting, nasty, sticky nonsense, such vulgar, aimless, unexplained staff that cannot resist a comparison even to a cesspit digged for being filled with any muck. It’s time to know! What do you want from life? You want it to smile, strew you flowers or gold coins? So? So do you want?”
Fon Zaynits blushed and put down his hand into his great hunting bag.
“If so, then you want impossible things! Life on Earth can only be an unbearable burden. If you want the unbearable things, piss off to the afterlife. Poison is always at your service… You child, that’s what you are! Silly you!”
A wicker bottle appeared out of the bag. Baron quickly raised it to his lips and greedily took a few sips.
“Life is disgusting!” He continued. “Its law is an abomination, an unwavering, constant position. It is given to a man as a punishment for his vulgarity… Sweet babe! If I were not so deeply aware of my vulgarity, I would have gone to the afterlife long ago. It would have been enough bullets… Suffer Arthur, I say to myself! You are worthy of these torments. Get, Arthur, your tribute! And you, girl, learn to philosophise by herself in such a way. It easier to live with such skill…”
Arthur took two sips.
“There is one element in the universe, reconciling slightly humans with their lives. This element, they say, is created by the devil, but… so be it! It removes thorns from my soul, for a limited period of time, of course. This element – in my bottle… Drink, Ilka! Took one sip! This is a good vodka…”
The Unnecessary Victory by Anton Chekhov