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To Appreciate Good Word and Simple Goodness


“Are you really humans? Do you understand a good word? You realize that only when you are bitten in the necks or you are dealing with unpleasantness!”
Anton Chekhov, The Baroness


About Anxiety


“Almost 1 in 5 people feel anxious a lot of or all the time”

It is believed that anxiety comes from biological or psychological factors, and also from “ultra-modern-too-many-choices-quickly-changing-world” (word using by Kimberly Lieu).

As I see it, anxiety is a kind of gift for us; perhaps a “warning sign” is a better expression than a “gift”.  Anxiety comes from spirit. Our spirit feels that we make the wrong decisions. We make bad choices because we want to be all too similar to other people, because we want to have the same things, the same interests, the same views, etc. We put a lot of effort into diabolic jugglery rather than devote ourselves to the joy of creation.

“As human beings, we LOVE control and we love to think that we are in control. The problem is, in the grand scheme of life, we aren’t at all. There are certain things we can control and there are certain things we can do to somewhat manage things, but we are really only fooling ourselves when we think we are in control.”
Lena A. Derhally, You’re Not Nervous: Anxiety, Worry and Control in Motherhood

And therefore, by the human limitation of controlling, I believe that anxiety is an indication that we should change our actions. No therapy, no pharmacology, no meditation, and especially – no ignoring anxiety. Just listening to our spirit is the best solution.

Facial Expression

Christ by Ivan Turgenev

Translated by Isabel Hapgood

I saw myself as a youth, almost a little boy, in a low-ceiled country church. – Slender wax tapers burned like red spots in front of the ancient holy pictures.

An aureole of rainbow hues encircled each tiny flame. – It was dark and dim in the church…. But a mass of people stood in front of me.

All reddish, peasant heads. From time to time they would begin to surge, to fall, to rise again, like ripe ears of grain when the summer breeze flits across them in a slow wave.

Suddenly some man or other stepped from behind and took up his stand alongside me.

I did not turn toward him, but I immediately felt that that man was – Christ.

Emotion, curiosity, awe took possession of me simultaneously. I forced myself to look at my neighbour.

He had a face like that of everybody else, – a face similar to all human faces. His eyes gazed slightly upward, attentively and gently. His lips were closed, but not compressed; the upper lip seemed to rest upon the lower; his small beard was parted in the middle. His hands were clasped, and did not move. And his garments were like those of every one else.

“Christ, forsooth!” I thought to myself. “Such a simple, simple man! It cannot be!”

I turned away. – But before I had time to turn my eyes from that simple man it again seemed to me that it was Christ in person who was standing beside me.

Again I exerted an effort over myself…. And again I beheld the same face, resembling all human faces, the same ordinary, although unfamiliar, features.

And suddenly dread fell upon me, and I came to myself. Only then did I understand that precisely such a face – a face like all human faces – is the face of Christ.

December, 1878.

About Old Age

“The fact is that, just as it is not every wine, so it is not every life, that turns sour from keeping. Serious gravity I approve of in old age, but, as in other things, it must be within due limits: bitterness I can in no case approve. What the object of senile avarice may be I cannot conceive. For can there be anything more absurd than to seek more journey money, the less there remains of the journey?”
On Old Age by Marcus Tullius Cicero

About Difficulties

Our mind deceives us cunningly. First, it seems to us that some challenges are beyond our strength and ability. Our thought is a nucleus of everything. Next, as a consequence of that thought, it is impossible to perform certain actions… In fact, even the most difficult human tasks are not so difficult as life without aspirations and ambitions that  leads to mental fatigue and irritability.



Only Love Leads to Real Life

Human cunning has no limits.

The character of Andersen’s fairy tale The Tinderbox, the princess was locked in a big copper castle with many walls and towers around it. She was locked because of a prophecy that said she’d marry a common soldier.

The soldier was put in jail and condemned to death.

People can prolong the process of grappling with nature of love, but in the end they lose.

The king acted shrewdly. The queen was a very wise woman. In fact, they acted against themselves and weakened themselves. In the end they were tossed in the air and broken into pieces.

Eventually, the princess married the soldier.
History has proven many times  that the law of life is the same as law of love.

We believe that the legal jungle protects us: rules, paragraphs, regulations, codes, ordinances, regulations, permits and directives. We think that the military solutions protect us . All efforts work, but only for a time, then turn against us.


About Protection Personal Data

In the 19th century :
“Most of us Xes (unknown). No one knows who we are, what we are, where we …”
Buckwheat groats praise themselves by Anton Chekhov

Does humanity really want to protect personal data?

Today people are throwing their data around so thoughtlessly.

All the indications are that in the future people will permit the ruling power to control their minds.