About Anxiety


“Almost 1 in 5 people feel anxious a lot of or all the time”

It is believed that anxiety comes from biological or psychological factors, and also from “ultra-modern-too-many-choices-quickly-changing-world” (word using by Kimberly Lieu).

As I see it, anxiety is a kind of gift for us; perhaps a “warning sign” is a better expression than a “gift”.  Anxiety comes from spirit. Our spirit feels that we make the wrong decisions. We make bad choices because we want to be all too similar to other people, because we want to have the same things, the same interests, the same views, etc. We put a lot of effort into diabolic jugglery rather than devote ourselves to the joy of creation.

“As human beings, we LOVE control and we love to think that we are in control. The problem is, in the grand scheme of life, we aren’t at all. There are certain things we can control and there are certain things we can do to somewhat manage things, but we are really only fooling ourselves when we think we are in control.”
Lena A. Derhally, You’re Not Nervous: Anxiety, Worry and Control in Motherhood

And therefore, by the human limitation of controlling, I believe that anxiety is an indication that we should change our actions. No therapy, no pharmacology, no meditation, and especially – no ignoring anxiety. Just listening to our spirit is the best solution.


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