Only Love Leads to Real Life

Human cunning has no limits.

The character of Andersen’s fairy tale The Tinderbox, the princess was locked in a big copper castle with many walls and towers around it. She was locked because of a prophecy that said she’d marry a common soldier.

The soldier was put in jail and condemned to death.

People can prolong the process of grappling with nature of love, but in the end they lose.

The king acted shrewdly. The queen was a very wise woman. In fact, they acted against themselves and weakened themselves. In the end they were tossed in the air and broken into pieces.

Eventually, the princess married the soldier.
History has proven many times  that the law of life is the same as law of love.

We believe that the legal jungle protects us: rules, paragraphs, regulations, codes, ordinances, regulations, permits and directives. We think that the military solutions protect us . All efforts work, but only for a time, then turn against us.



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