Cat in Literature

“Spicer jumped like a startled cat.”
The Brethren by John Grisham

“Musa told me that Punin had left a cat that he had been very fond of, and that ever since his
death she had gone up to the attic and stayed there, mewing incessantly, as though she were calling some one … the neighbours were very much scared, and fancied that it was Punin’s soul that had passed into the cat.”
Punin and Baburin by Ivan S. Turgenev

“She is not going to play cat and mouse with me like this!”
Clara Milith by Ivan S. Turgenev


2 thoughts on “Cat in Literature

  1. mark

    Hi, when I saw this post in the reader I was surprised by the first word ‘Spicer’, which is my surname. Given such synchronicity it would be wrong of me not to come and share some more cats in literature. I hope you don’t mind, here are three cats in haiku.

    From a red tile roof
    A cat is licking beads of dew
    A humid dawn.
    – Richard Wright

    The spring rain;
    a little girl teaches
    the cat to dance.
    -Kobayashi Issa

    autumn mist –
    watching the chaffinch
    a black cat
    -Mark Spicer


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