About Children’s Toys

About children for which a toy is only a dream:
“Flies cannot cover honey as much as boys have stuck to the stands with toys. Money they have – in no way… They are standing and just devouring horse toys, leaden soldiers and little pistols with their eyes. So near and yet so far. A brave soul will take a beeper toy into his hands, will hold it, twirl it, beep, will put in place – and, satisfied, will wipe his nose. There is not a single stand, around which at least two or three dozen boys would not protrude. They are standing and staring, for one or two hours, with truly infernal patience. Buy a little pistol or lion with cow’s snout and black stripes on the back – for a Feduska, a Peter, a Vasudka – and you fill his heart with infinite joy.”
The Fair by Anton Chekhov

About children in a room full of toys”
“Children who have too many toys give up too quickly. If they have a toy that they can’t figure out, it will quickly be discarded for the sake of a different, easier one.”
“Kids who get everything they want to believe they can have everything they want.”
Why Fever Toys Will Benefit Your Kids by Joshua Becker

About children in a room with network access and without classic toys:
“The toy industry presents an interesting area for sensor networks. Toys for children may be equipped with sensors enabling the establishment of communication with other toys in their neighbourhood. Toys that happen to be in close proximity advertise their presence and form a network. They are programmed to follow an educational interaction schedule such as exchanging their names, introducing themselves and asking questions to children. They can be connected to the Internet through a home computer, and they can download appropriate software updates providing new and ongoing educational networking applications. This is expected to motivate children to learn by constantly using and exploring their toys.”
Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


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