Facial Expression

“Nadia was standing leaning with her knee against the edge of the chair and holding her hand over the railing. Her eyes, languid, velvet, deep, stared into the dark green thicket… On her face, pale and moonlit, dark shadows – spots played. It was a blush. Ivan Gavrilovich was standing behind her, and nervously, with trembling hand pinched his thin beard. When he was tired of pinching his beard, he began to stroke and tug with his other hand his ugly jabot. Ivan Gavrilovich was ugly. He looked like his mother, resembling a village cook. His forehead was small, narrow, just flattened; his nose upturned, blunt, with a noticable notch instead of hump, his hair bristling. His eyes, small, narrow, precisely as a young kitten, looked questioningly at Nadia.”
Which of the Three? by Anton Chekhov

Your face is not only a gift of nature. You have sculpted your face for years. Experiences and emotions (often unnecessary) imprint their mark on the face.


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