About Trains that no Longer Exist

Mail train number so-and-so is racing at full speed from the station “Merry
FuckTarara “to” Every man for himself . Locomotive is whistling, hissing,
huffing and puffing cars are trembling and their ungreased wheels are howling wolves
and shouting owls. In heaven, on earth and in carsdarkness … What will happen! What will happen!– old trembling cars are knocking …”Heigh-ho!picks up the locomotive … Winds and pickpockets walk through the cars. Scary … I put my head out of the window and look aimlessly into the endless  distance. All the lights are green: the scandal, I suppose, is not soon.
Drive and station lights are not visible … Darkness, sadness, the idea of death, childhood memories my God!
On the Trail by Anton Chekhov

The Locomotive by Julian Tuwim


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