About Victims

“Us poor males will never be accorded such privileges as they get, the women.”

“a woman in a crowd is always the first to start shoving. A man stands and just looks at some fixed thing, whereas a woman spreads her arms wide and pushes so that no one spoils her attire. It’s not worth discussing. The female sex always has all the good luck. Women are not taken on as soldiers, they get in free to dances, they are not subject to corporal punishment… And why, one may ask, do they deserve this? A girl drops her scarf – you pick it up, she comes into the room – you stand up and give her your seat, she goes out – you accompany her… And consider the matter of rank. For you and I to reach the level of, say, state councillor, we’d have to toil all our lives, whereas some chit of a girl can marry a state councillor, and hey presto, she is an important person. For me to become a prince or a count I’d have to get all the world to my way of thinking, fight the battle of Shipka, befriend the ministers, yet comes along, God save us, some Varenka or Katenka, the milk on her lips scarcely dry, she twirls her skirt in front of a count, squints her eyes – and straightaway she’s ‘Your Grace.’ You, for example, are currently a district council secretary. You earned that rank with blood and the sweat of your brow. But what of your Marya Fominishna? Why should she have your rank? From a sub- daughter straight into a position of rank? She’s a fine district council secretary’s wife. Give her our job and she’d write the income in the expenditure column.”
Women’s Good Fortune by Anton Chekhov


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