Kittenish Face and Beauty

“Liza was so incredibly beautiful. It is true her little kittenish face with its brown eyes, and turn up nose was fresh, and even piquant, her scanty hair was black as soot and curly, her little figure was graceful, well proportioned and mobile as the body of an electric eel (…)…”

“Patches of red came out of her cheeks, her eyes swelled, and tears flowed down her kittenish face…”

“The kittenish face puckered up and began blinking its eyes as though expecting a slap.”
A Living Chattel by Anton Chekhov

3 thoughts on “Kittenish Face and Beauty

      1. Lady Pinkrose

        Oh, poor baby. I hope you are feeling better now. My cats for the most part won’t go out in the rain so you are very brave! I have one outside cat who loves me so much, he stands on the back stairs in the pouring rain. My Heart just breaks over this cat. Big hugs, Migotka!!

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