Silly Causes of Anger

“Olga scrutinized her companion angrily, and jerking her elbow unlocked the woodshed and angrily banged the door open.

‘Most likely we interrupted the woman drinking her coffee,’ thought Skvortsov. ‘What a cross creature she is!’ ”

The Beggar by Anton Chekhov

I as a cat can detect  the mildest symptoms of exasperation.

You people must put away the evil, cats are afraid of the beasts of anger.



3 thoughts on “Silly Causes of Anger

  1. Amy

    Oh, Migotka, if only you knew how right on you are. My hubby has been roaring ’cause he hates the snow, and yep, it is downright stupid and silly. I’ve been trying to run the peace patrol to keep everyone calm. Whew! Anger is terrible. Peeps don’t like anger either, if only they would wake up and realize it. Hmmmm…….Mom Bonzo

  2. rmudge

    Cats are very aware of the moods of the people around them. They have a keen sense of who is “good” and who is “evil.” When cats love a person, you can be pretty sure that person is “good.”


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