About Holiness and Sin

“You don’t do anything, you monks. You are good for nothing but eating and drinking. Is that the way to save one’s soul? Only think, while you sit here in peace, eat and drink and dream of beatitude, your neighbours are perishing and going to hell. You should see what is going on in the town! Some are dying of hunger, others, not knowing what to do with their gold, sink into profligacy and perish like flies stuck in honey. There is no faith, no truth in men. Whose task is it to save them? Whose work is it to preach to them? It is not for me, drunk from morning till night as I am. Can a meek spirit, a loving heart, and faith in God have been given you for you to sit here within four walls doing nothing?” 
A Story Without a Title by Anton Chekhov 

“Love one another, Fathers,” said Father Zossima, (…) . “Love God’s people. Because we have come here and shut ourselves within these walls, we are no holier than those that are outside, but on the contrary, from the very fact of coming here, each of us has confessed to himself that he is worse than others, than all men on earth…. And the longer the monk lives in his seclusion, the more keenly he must recognise that. Else he would have had no reason to come here. When he realises that he is not only worse than others, but that he is responsible to all men for all and everything, for all human sins, national and individual, only then the aim of our seclusion is attained. For know, dear ones, that every one of us is undoubtedly responsible for all men — and everything on earth, not merely through the general sinfulness of creation, but each one personally for all mankind and every individual man. This knowledge is the crown of life for the monk and for every man. For monks are not a special sort of men, but only what all men ought to be. Only through that knowledge, our heart grows soft with infinite, universal, inexhaustible love. Then every one of you will have the power to win over the whole world by love and to wash away the sins of the world with your tears….Each of you keep watch over your heart and confess your sins to yourself unceasingly. Be not afraid of your sins, even when perceiving them, if only there be penitence, but make no conditions with God. Again, I say, be not proud. Be proud neither to the little nor to the great. Hate not those who reject you, who insult you, who abuse and slander you. Hate not the atheists, the teachers of evil, the materialists — and I mean not only the good ones — for there are many good ones among them, especially in our day — hate not even the wicked ones.
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky


5 thoughts on “About Holiness and Sin

    1. oleanderia Post author

      Dear Amy, thank you very much for nomination. And I am sorry for confussion. I know, I promised you to sign my posts. But this post is only qutations of other writers.
      I am Migotka, a female cat.

      1. Lady Pinkrose

        MIgotka, there are 4 cat sites I go to, and from now on, I am writing on a piece of paper who is who. I know where Morris is at. I get confused between Shrimp and Roxy&Tigerlino. And then I called you Shrimp. I’m giggling. If I can’t laugh at myself, who can I laugh at? LOL

        Purrrrzzzzzz, Mom Bonza

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