It Will Be Really Boring Time

As a rule she (Katya) is lying on the sofa or in a lounge-chair reading. Seeing me, she raises her head languidly, sits up, and shakes hands.

“You are always lying down,” I say, after pausing and taking breath. “That’s not good for you. You ought to occupy yourself with something.”


 “I say you ought to occupy yourself in some way.”

 “With what? (…)”

“A Boring Story” by Anton Chekhov

Katya’s nature and the circumstances of her life caused the result that she was not able to get down to some action.

The time is coming when I also will be lying down. Our country house is not suitable to live during the winter. I will be vegetate in the block of flat. Indoor cats do not understand my longing in winter. Being outdoors during spring, summer and autumn means that desire for nature becomes terrific. During winter I will not able to reside freely within countryside. As a rule I will be lying on the sofa. And that will not be good for me. I ought to occupy myself with some thing. But in the house I will identify nothing that I need to tackle.


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