First of All We Must Be Just

“God’s world is a good place. The one thing not good in it is we. How little justice and humility there is in us. How little we understand true patriotism! A drunken, broken-down debauchee of a husband loves his wife and children, but of what use is that love? We, so we are told in our own newspapers, love our great motherland, but how does that love express itself? Instead of knowledge — insolence and immeasurable conceit; instead of work — sloth and swinishness; there is no justice, the conception of honour does not go beyond “the honour of the uniform”— the uniform which is so commonly seen adorning the prisoner’s dock in our courts. Work is what is wanted, and the rest can go to the devil. First of all we must be just, and all the rest will be added unto us.” 
Letter of Anton Chekhov to Suvorin (Moscow, December 9, 1890)

2 thoughts on “First of All We Must Be Just

  1. Raphael's Legacy by Barry Hardy

    Beautiful image and one of the energies that’s certainly rising in our collective inner desire is to reconnect with the glory and wonder of nature. Therein; I hope many more drop in to explore your blog, because it oozes warmth, generosity and great wisdom.

    Very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry


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