Loose Reflections About Art

“(…) the current hot heads want to compass scientific boundless, to find the physical laws of creativity, to understand the general law and formulas according to which an artist, feeling them instinctively, creates a musical play, landscapes, novels etc. These formulas in nature probably exist. We know that in nature there are a, b, c, d, do, re, mi, fa, sol, curve, line, circle, square, green, red, blue… we know that everything in a certain combination gives a melody or poetry, or painting, just as simple chemicals in the well-known combination will provide a tree or a rock, or sea. We only know that the combination exists but the order of this combination is hidden from us. The one who owns the scientific method, he feels in his soul that a music play and a tree have something in common, that one and the other are created equally correct, by simple laws. Hence the question: what are the laws? Hence the temptation to write the physiology of creativity (Boborykin), and more young and timid people refer to science and the laws of nature (Merezhkovsky). Physiology of creativity probably exists in nature, but dream about shall break in the beginning. If the critics stand on a scientific basis, the goodness of that would never do: they will lose the dozen years, write a lot of ballast, confuse users into more questions. Scientific thinking is good everywhere, but  trouble is that scientific thinking about creativity in the end, willy-nilly will be confined in pursuit of small frames or centres, managing creative ability of artists.”
Letter of Anton Chekhov to A. S. Suvorin (Moscow, 3 November 1888)

We only know that great creativity is a moment, a spark dispatched for us from heaven. The artist will immortalize it. Non-artist will dismiss it.

We only know that creation of art should be fused with every our step, breath and choice.

We only know that we receive the gift of creating from God or from Nature. If we in time do not grab and develop this gift , it will be taken away from us.

And now subjective feelings about the art:

Artistry and art are not totally taken away from practical destinations. There is a duty  according to living conditions that the artist needs to join with. Authentic artist will immerse in art and everyday activity. We  should not feel the tension because of something that can  fail. If we neglect duties, e.g. to family, we destroy something, and our total devotion to art becomes a monstrosity. The art will not suffer, if the artist breaks away from it and performs ritual everyday activities. The art will suffer if we forget about the fact that there are the house, the cat, our bodies, and the like.

However the human being has something in himself that disturbs his mind, and he starts doing things he does not need to do.
“You see what silly tricks nature plays one.”

“The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoevsky

“I go on and I don’t know whether I’m going to shame or to light and joy. That’s the trouble, for everything in the world is a riddle!”
“The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Art creating beauty?
“It’s terrible what mysteries there are! Too many riddles weigh men down on earth. We must solve them as we can, and try to keep a dry skin in the water. Beauty! I can’t endure the thought that a man of lofty mind and heart begins with the ideal of the Madonna and ends with the ideal of Sodom. What’s still more awful is that a man with the ideal of Sodom in his soul does not renounce the ideal of the Madonna, and his heart may be on fire with that ideal, genuinely on fire, just as in his days of youth and innocence. Yes, man is broad, too broad, indeed. I’d have him narrower. The devil only knows what to make of it! What to the mind is shameful is beauty and nothing else to the heart. Is there beauty in Sodom? Believe me, that for the immense mass of mankind beauty is found in Sodom. Did you know that secret? The awful thing is that beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and the devil are fighting there and the battlefield is the heart of man. But a man always talks of his own ache.”
“The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Family, books, gardening, cooking, fruit and vegetables  processing and of course me with my beautiful fur – all these things together basically for my mistress creates the art.


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