People do not have the ability to control nature. Its curbing is painful. The presented case involves me. But I will direct attention to my mistress emotions.

“(…) the fellowship heard suddenly a shrill scream, tearing the soul. This scream was running from the woods (…). It was unusual to such an extent that people, when they heard it, jumped to their feet, the dogs began to bark and horses pricked up their ears. The cry was unnatural (…). Despair and horror sounded in it.”
“A Hunting Drama” by Anton Chekhov

It is the description of the soul tear shout of murdered woman. This description exactly reminds my mistress of my shout.

I was constantly full of the verve and vigour. One day (In September 2011) I woke up and felt the terrible blockade.

My cry of despair probably will remain in her memory forever.

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