Excerpt from Dictionary

“Osip: What does the word cynic mean?
Triletsky: A cynic is a Greek word, translated into your language signifies a pig working so that all the light knew it the pig.”

“Fatherlessness” by Anton Chekhov


3 thoughts on “Excerpt from Dictionary

    1. oleanderia Post author

      Thank you very much. You entirely suprised me. But I know nothing about nominations. I was never interested in it. Perhaps in the future. Now I am so busy.

      1. bdh63

        I hear you. Not everyone likes them. Some have compared them to chain letters. I think chain letters have a degree of scam and insincerity involved sometimes. Some even involve a threat for a lack of participation, and that’s not true here. You don’t have to accept to be appreciated. 🙂

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