About Fugitives

A man, unfortunately, often perceives the surrounding in which he is fated to live, as the prison. So he is escaping from this imprisonment.

Prisoners of Sakhalin Island also were breaking free.
“It is happening that fugitives, not knowing where the north is, start circulating, and go back to that place which they left.”
“Sakhalin Island” by Anton Chekhov

It works very similarly to the ones who are run away from their own reality. They are losing direction and coming back to the previous place. They are wasting a lot of things on the way. The prisoners of Sakhalin Island did not know where the north was. The prisoners of the life do not know their own direction and therefore they do not manage to get the result they want. A good or a truth, or a faith can be this direction. Every factor which creates good energy can be this direction. So, in order to run away from one’s imprisonment, one should make only these choices which are close to God.


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