About Children

“(…) in spite of all colonization considerations, the proximity of children to parents has moral support for exiles; and keeps more alive than anything else, reminds them of their native Russian village. In addition, the care for children saves the exiled woman from idleness; (…)”

“(…) the most useful, the most necessary and most pleasant people on the island – these are children, and the exiles are well aware of this and appreciate them. In the rough, morally worn out Sakhalin family children bring the element of tenderness, purity, humility and joy. Despite their innocence, most of all in the world they love their vicious mother and thug-father. And if the exile, deprived of love in a prison, become emotional at the sight of the affectionate dog, what price should be love of a child for him.”

“(…) now I will add that children often constitute the only thing that still attaches the exiled men and women to a life, saves from despair, from the final fall.”
“Sakhalin Island” by Anton Chekhov

An old people’s home is a creation much worse than Sakhalin Island. There are no children in it. The behaviour of humans in old people’s homes is repulsive, not on account of the old age but lack of relation with children.


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