About Infectious Laughter

“She (lady) had an enviable personality. Some unimportant reason was enough for her to go into the most sincere, cheerful laugh till her head fallen off, till the tears come. She started to tell us something, and suddenly the laughter, gaiety lashed with a fountain, and I, looking at the lady, started to laugh, then hieromonk followed me, then the Japanese laughed. <well!>, said in the end the commander, waving his hand, and he also became infected with laughter. Probably, at any other time in the usually glowering Tatar Strait, nobody was laughing so much. On the next day in the morning on the deck, hieromonk, lady, the Japanese and me met for a chat. and again laughter, and faces of whales, emerged from the water, almost started to laugh, looking at us.”
“Sakhalin Island” by Anton Chekhov


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