About Injustice

Hard work does not tire a man out, provided that it is being made with passion. The nature gave a man many possibilities, so that he can work without fatigue. For example, it is possible to use the strength of muscles like the lever. Scientists can also present other cases. The happy man applies them intuitively. The happy man feels the moments of rest. However lighter duties can entirely exhaust a man. He is tired because of dullness, carelessness, shallow actions and, of course, injustice.

“The exceptional severity of mining work does not lie in the fact that you have to work underground in a dark and damp corridors, crawling, then bent; building and road jobs during rain and wind require more strain from employee. And who are familiar with the statement of the case in our Donetsk mines, the Due mine does not seem terrible. The exceptional severity is not in the work but under conditions of stupidity and dishonesty of every shallow action, when at every step you have to bear by the nerve, injustice and arbitrariness. The reach drink tea, and the poor work, the officers deceive their superiors in front of everybody, the unavoidable clashes of mining and prison administrations carry for life a lot of squabbling, gossip and small riots that bear weight on arms of all enslaved people, according to the saying: the masters fight – the guys have teeth hurt. Meanwhile, no matter how deeply the convict may be demoralized and unjust, he loves the justice at most, and if there is not justice among the people put higher than him, then from year to year he falls in bitterness, in utter disbelief. As a result of this, how many pessimists, gloomy satirists, who with serious, bad facies talk incessantly about the people, about the bosses, about better life, but other prisoners listen and laugh because in fact it comes out ridiculous.”
“Sakhalin Island” by Anton Chekhov

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