Waste of Time

“The doctor showed me a stack of papers, written by him, as he said, in defence of the truth and humanity. These were copies of the petitions, complaints, reports and… denunciations.”
“(…) my host-doctor walked from corner to corner and, turning to the laws, thinking out loud: <If on the basis of article so-and-so I’ll file a petition there, and etc.”

“Sakhalin Island” by Anton Chekhov

There are people, who on account of their condition, should write complaints, requests, sorrows, denunciations, etc. However, they never act this way.

Petitions, complaints, reports and denunciations are written by people wasting time for observing others. They most often jump to conclusions and accuse innocent. They do not solve problems, but they multiply difficulties. They waste their valuable time and do not perform their duties properly.

That is always been the case and that is the rule today, irrespective of kind of world we live in.


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