Music of Nature

My mistress thinks that through literary descriptions we are learning to appreciate the nature.

The literature is full of descriptions of beautiful birds thrills. Thanks to these texts the music of nature is becoming even more beautiful.

I sing sometimes, especially when I want to lure birdies. And I am not going to compete with bird singing.

I will also admit the fact that I do not participate in cat’s concerts. And I never had a chance to hear what Anton Chekhov described in the short story titled “The Cat”. He depicted the feline music in unusual way. Cats walked around the pretty female cat and various sounds were made by them: descants, altos, tenors, basses, crescendo. “Sensitive, as the jelly, piano achieved a degree of a fortissimo, and quickly air filled up with sounds being outrageous. Some cats made intermittent sounds, others led lively trills out, precisely from notes, from eighth and sixteenth, thirds held a long, monotonous note… And one cat, probably, oldest and hot, sang with some unnatural not cat’s voice, it with bass, or it with tenor.”


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