During the educational path, children often learn to fear, systematically, before they will be taking the exam. Some children do not master anything in class as much as fear. There is a large percentage of these children. They fall into oblivion, but society turns a blind eye to it. Now  students are not afraid of the teacher. They are afraid of the situations, which result in  distortions in the scheme. They are afraid of certain systems, roles and poses. They are also scared of their own reactions, because they feel that in no way they will have appropriate roles. How many students are waiting out at school? These young people unhappily fail to understand that paralyzing fear only adds to the difficulties. The mind goes wild. A catch-22 situation.

From my way of thinking, something should be introduced at schools, something, which would be the foundation of a fruitful learning. Based on knowledge of psychology and physiology, it would help to eliminate fear, stiffness and pain.

“Before setting off for his examination in Greek, Yanya kissed all the holy images. His stomach felt as though it were upside down; there was a chill at his heart, while the heart itself throbbed and stood still with terror before the unknown. What would he get that day? A three or a two? Six times he went to his mother for her blessing, and, as he went out, asked her aunt to pray for him. On the way to school he gave a beggar two kopecks, in the hope that those two kopecks would atone for his ignorance (…)”
“A Classical Student” by Anton Chekhov


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