We Are Sightless and Deaf

It is difficult to report the particular person’s behaviour and I may be wrong in assessment of real people. So I, as usual, make use of literature.

We idolize some people insensibly and thoughtlessly. In the Chekhov’s play “The Wood Demon” Mary Wynn worships Alexander Serebryakov, a retired professor. Mary is the mother of the first wife of professor. Mary’s daughter was dead. Professor has the second wife, Helena of 27 years old.
Mary’s son, Egor Wynn says: “His (professor’s) mother-in-law, my mother, adores him to this day, and he still inspires a sort of worshipful awe in her.”
Helena says to Egor: “Your mother hates everything but her pamphlets and the professor.”
Mary Wynn says to her son Egor: “Egor, don’t contradict Alexander. Trust to him; he knows better than we do what is right and what is wrong.”
Is Alexander fond of his first mother-in-law?
Alexander says behind Mary’s back: “HIs (Egor’s) old idiot of a mother”.


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