We Are Very Sensitive Creatures

“Ivan came in very cross, and, angrily throwing aside a cat which lay sleeping on the bench, cursed the women (…)”
“A Lost Opportunity” by Leo Tolstoy

I am a predator but…
I crave love and respect.
People should treat me with kindness and understanding.
They should speak to me in a soft voice.
My behaviours become better when people respect my sensitivity.

It is the same for Masha, Olga and Irina, the characters of “The Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov:

Masha. “(…) civilians in general are so often coarse, impolite, uneducated. Their rudeness offends me. I suffer when I see that a man isn’t quite sufficiently refined, or delicate, or polite.”
Olga. “Even the least bit of rudeness, the slightest impoliteness, upsets me.”


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