To Get Out of Vicious Circle

Kusma Nicolaievitch Khirin, the character of the play “The Anniversary” by Anton Chekhov is the bank’s aged book-keeper. He is tired out. He has been repeatedly working, without a chance of shutting his eyes. In the workplace he is wearing felt boots and absurdly coloured jacket. Sometimes it is worse than that – he is working during illness.

He believes that ladies “cause all sorts of mischief and disorder”, they “spoil everything”, they “get you into serious trouble”.

If a man detest something and suffers from that, he is unfortunately drawn to those hated things or persons. Khirin continuously faces the same problem: he loathes women and he still has contact with intolerable women. They approach him in adverse circumstances. They annoy him when he works. They are disturbances of his normal functioning. What is more, women make him feel aggressive. Dark side of soul returns to his and divulges itself. And then aggression, targeted to women, goes back to him. He turns into aggressive monster.

The years come and pass, and nothing is different. Khirin’s relation to women fades to an annoying habit. Kirhin is already an old man. He worked hard and achieved nothing. He worked very long hours but not for himself. Although it seemed to him that he worked for himself.

What should be done in order to get out of vicious circle? And to abandon adverse energy?

Rights to life are exceedingly subtle. A man breaches them and this is why he cannot leave vicious circle of failure. Michel Quenot in his book “Icon and Cosmos” asserts that trivialization of life leads to trivialization of person. Salvation of a man dominating over energy goes into supremacy of energy. The loss of inner world originates inertia. That condition  is in disagreement with the flexibility and dynamism of life. Inheritance of a fall captivates a man. A man who  against his pleasure makes evil and who avoid goodness even though he desire the good. Michel Quenot allows my mistress to understand how unethically a man lives. A man betrays God as Adam and Eve did. God created a man in his own likeness. But a man prefers to live superficially. A man is highly ambitious for visible changes. He is not concerned about a nonmaterial aspect. This tenet is  working against a man.

Michel Quenot perceives a right man as one who should model a cosmos and fulfill his creative  vocation.

My mistress writes this pseudo-scholarly post in order to improve her English vocabulary. There are undoubtedly other aims.

It is still winter in my region.


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