Tasty Food

(…) <He fills three glasses> Here’s to you all! <He drinks and eats> This   herring is the best of all relishes.
No, no, these cucumbers are better; every wise man since the creation of the world has been trying to invent something better than a salted cucumber, and not one has succeeded. Peter, go and fetch some more cucumbers. And Peter, tell the cook to make four little onion pasties, and see that we get them hot.
Caviar is good with vodka, but it must be prepared with skill. Take a quarter of a pound of pressed caviar, two little onions, and a little olive oil; mix them together and put a slice of lemon on top – so! Lord! The very perfume would drive you crazy!
Roast snipe are good too, but they must be cooked right. They should first be cleaned, then sprinkled
with bread crumbs, and roasted until they will  crackle between the teeth – crunch, crunch!
We had something good at Martha’s yesterday: white mushrooms.
And they were especially well prepared, too, with onions and bay-leaves and spices, you know. When the dish was opened, the odour that floated was simply intoxicating!”
“Ivanov” by Anton Chekhov

In Chekhov’s times only rich people and owners of estates ate tasty food.

Now we live in paradise. Many different foods are available. If we are not sluggards, we can prepare home-made food. The internet inspires our creative cooking. People think: We cannot allow ourselves to buy some ingredients. They are so expensive. Very few are able to basically afford that. I have to admit that it is the cardinal mistake of thinking. We concentrate on the scarcity and at the same time we tread upon sumptuousness of Earth.

What is my delicious food?
When I catch a bird, it is the best for me. My mistress does not accept this. And there is nothing she can do about it.

I must add one grotesque deduction. My mistress does not accept facts that I catch the birds. And she herself is buying poultry and other meat in the market.


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