“Leap Over It or Build a Bridge”

“(…) is there order and uniformity in the fact that I, a living, thinking man, stand over a chasm and wait for it to close of itself, or to fill up with mud at the very time when perhaps I might leap over it or build a bridge across it? And again, wait for the sake of what? Wait till there’s no strength to live? And meanwhile one must live, and one wants to live!”
“Gooseberries” by Anton Chekhov

Why do we stop and not come into operation?
– Because we think it is not worthwhile and we will not profit from that work. (In fact we do not possess such knowledge; the benefit of our struggle can be very tangible and solid in future, but now we try to be smart unnecessarily.)
– Because we think what others say about our activity, perhaps it will not please them.
– Because nobody orders us to do that work. We do not feel a pain of whip stroke; we do not see a whip that makes us do some work.
– Because we are afraid of exertion. We suppose that major activity is bad for our muscles or for our grey matter. (In fact idleness can hurt people.)
– Because we have an annoying habit of looking at other people, we compare ourselves to others. We wonder if idea has caught on or it has not.
– Because we think that it is an old-fashioned job.
– Because we do not believe in our strength and talents.

Philosophy of human life consists in “accepting all that happens, and all that is allotted, as coming from thence, wherever it is, from whence he (a man) himself came (…)”.
“The Meditations (The Communings with Himself)” by Marcus Aurelius

My mistress, I have advice for you. You should be interested in a lunar calendar. It is the most important agricultural tool. Leave for the moment useless clicking in the WordPress place. You have made some technical mistakes. Never mind that your posts are not visible now. When you accustom yourself to WordPress you will upgrade it. As yet, write meditation for yourself, just like in the work of Aurelius.

My mistress, look how I rejoice at the freedom. I am glad because sharp frost has passed and it is getting increasingly warm.


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