Exquisite world

Exquisite world is accessible for all. But overwhelming majority of people have venomed souls and cannot see beauty in this world. Well, perhaps they have the particles of broken mirror in their eyes similar to those from “The Snow Queen” by Andersen.

Every day people can look at the environment from the other direction and perceive something new. But they get stuck and notoriously see the same. Or they stop looking around like the character of Chekhov’s short story called “The Schoolmaster”:

“The highroad was dry, a lovely April sun was shining warmly, but the snow was still lying in the ditches and in the woods. Winter, dark, long, and spiteful, was hardly over, spring had come all of a sudden. But neither the warmth nor the languid transparent woods, warmed by the breath of spring, nor the black flock or birds flying over the huge puddles that were like lakes, nor the marvelous fathomless sky, into which it seemed one would have gone away so joyfully, presented anything new or interesting to Marya Vassilyevna who was sitting in the cart. For thirteen years she had been schoolmistress, and there was no reckoning how many times all those years she had been to the town for her salary; and whether it were spring as now, or a rainy autumn evening, or winter, it was all the same to her, and she always – invariably – longed for one thing only, to get to the end of her journey as quickly as could be.”


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