Reading and taking action

“She (Vera) ordered books and magazines, and used to read them in her room. And she read at night, lying in bed. When the clock in the corridor struck two or three, and her temples were beginning to ache from reading, she sat up in bed and thought, <What am I do? Where am I to go?> Accursed, importunate question, to which there were a number of ready-made answers, and in reality no answers at all.”
“At home” by Anton Chekhov

It is illusion that within your sphere nothing happens. How many matters is within your reach! And you should not treat them as a duty.

One who only reads books, doesn’t dispose of his life and his properties. He seems to be under the impression that he doesn’t live. Time is slipping through his fingers. He himself is in the doldrums and observes how others live.

However without books you cannot function normally. After all, book represents an effort of author mind, his creative power. Making any sacrifice in order to work without reading becomes shallow attempt.

Reading books makes sense if you also are active and make decisions. Reading books causes you feel better advised, on condition that you respect the gift of life. If you respect it, the life pushes you to continuous action. You are taking action and at the same time starting up dramaturgy of life, just like in the theatre, something is going on stage of life. It would be best to celebrate everyday activity.


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