Specified manners are handed down from generation to generation. Times change but people not. Scenography and language are taking turns. But main framework of husband-wife relation remain. People still are in captivity. Women submit. They don’t contradict because they think they will lose something.

“The Petchenyeg” by Anton Chekhov:

Husband to his guest and then to his wife:
” <And this, allow me to introduce her,> said Zhmuhin, <is the mother of my young cubs. Come, Lybov Osipovna,> he said, addresing her, <you must spry, mother, and get something for our guest. Let us have supper. Look sharp!> “

Wife to her guest:
“<Are you from the town?> she asked timidly, not looking at her visitor.”

“there was a quiver in her voice”

Husband to his wife:
“<You don’t know anything about it, mother, and it is not your affair,> said Zmuhin, appearing in the doorway. <Don’t pester our guest with your wild talk. Go away, mother!>”

Husband to his guest:
“<And she’s always sitting and thinking, and what do you suppose she is thinking about? What can a woman think about? Why, nothing. I must own I don’t consider a woman a human being.>”

Narrator about wife and her husband:
“And what a pitiable figure she was! This was not a wife, not the head of a house, not even a servant, but more like a dependent, a poor relation not wanted by anyone, a nonentity… Her husband, fussing about, talking unceasingly, was seeing visitor off, continually running in front of him, while she huddled up to the wall with a timid, guilty air, waiting for a convenient minute to speak.”


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