Winter hodgepodge

Reading “Peasants” by Anton Chekhov in winter days:
“On the floor a white cat was rubbing itself against the oven fork.
<Puss, puss!> Sasha called to her. <Puss!>
<She can’t hear,> said the little girl; <she has gone deaf.>
<How is that?>
<Oh, she was bitten.>

Nikolay and Olga realized from the first glance what life was like here, (…).”

I am lucky that I do not live in Chekhov’s time.

My mistress is reading the novel by Haruki Murakami and all of a sudden, a female cat appears in his work, just like in Chekhov’s but much happier.

After reading spending time outdoors.

Winter landscape

I am outdoors.

Frozen panes

Burning wood in the stove.

Winter sky


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