Village nightlife


“I took my leave and went home. (…)
All was quiet outside: the village on the other side of the pond was already asleep, not a single light was to be seen, and on the pond there was only the faint reflection of the stars.”

“The House With The Mezzanine” by Anton Chekhov

As a general rule, the larger city the more visible nightlife is. The smaller and more distant from the modern world the village is the more vanishing nightlife in it.

It was the late spring, and the whole summer, and the whole autumn. My mistress and her husband often made their way from town to country in order to grow vegetables and look after their property. Their working day often extended into the evening. In the late evening just about at night they started getting ready to set off. They got in the car and afterwards went out into the village street. The street lamps were put off at 10.30 p.m. Lights in the houses were switched off. A single light in an individual room appeared with infrequency. The country is inhabited by about all senior citizens. So it is the reason for getting faded away. That darkness made my mistress think of it as of mysterious scenery of the fairy tale.


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