Do not use your brains, just look at your arms

Do you think you act wisely or sensibly? That’s not true. Your mind can cheat.

Look at your hands. What’s happened to them?

“I must have something to do with my hands; they hang about as if they weren’t mine at all.”

“Don’t wave your hands about! Get rid of that habit of waving them about. And then, building villas and reckoning on their residents becoming freeholders in time – that’s the same thing; it’s all a matter of waving your hands about.”                                                                                                                        The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov

Arms and hands are our measure of making choices. Brain is the center of the nervous system. And decision-making in the brain is indicated by outer body. We can’t see our faces. But if we are conscious we can see and we can feel our arms and hands.

I am a female cat. My paws are pliant and flexible. And they always make proper movements.



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