About food

One of the characters of Chekhov’s  The Cherry Orchard noticed that people don’t protect elaborate methods of food processing:
” – In the old days, forty or fifty years back, they dried the cherries, soaked them and pickled them,and made jam of them (…). And the dried cherries were soft, juicy, sweet, and nicely scented… They knew the way.
– What was the way?
– They’ve forgotten. Nobody remembers.”

It is very romantic in Chekhov’s work with cherry subject. To make life romantic and pleasant, we must take care of our unromantic stomachs which need not only cherries. With our noble ideals we reach for the sky and we leave for others mundane details connected to food. And others decided that now we have junk food in the market. Even high quality products are with added artificial improvers. My mistress doesn’t eat shopping cold meat, I would say. Her husband prepares pork and sausage himself.

By the way I mention that there’s contradiction between feeling for animals and eating meat. My mistress is often thinking about it. People need to kill in order to eat. Supposing we kill, what is with our love of animals? My mistress admires vegetarians, but she herself is not convinced that she should reject meat. And what about me? I am domesticated, I am controlled by human being, so he or she is responsible for me. Accustomed to comfort, I don’t hunt so much to live. It is a man who must  kill some animals in order to feed me.

What am I eating? I do not take kindly to dry food. It is not natural  food for me. My mistress gives me raw meat (poultry), wet food in sachet and sometimes ground cooked meat.


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