Wood burning stove and …

Matvey, the character of Anton Chekhov’s short story “The Murder”, “lived in a room next to kitchen, with a big stove, in which, in old days, when this had been a posting inn, bread had been baked every day.”

My mistress and her husband also have the big wood burning stove in the country house. It is not as old as that from Chekhov’s times, but this is old-fashioned stove, from approximately 1960s. My attendants haven’t baked bread in it yet. But I must admit that they made the most of this stove. They pasteurized fruit and vegetables on the plate of the stove and dried others inside of the stove. In September the cellar was full of preserves.

Mushrooms were found in the forest, and fruit and vegetables were growing in my mistress’s garden.


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