About Me

Hi! I’m Maria. I experience some kind of phenomenon. It is connected with Chekhov’s works. Chekhov perceived the world just like I do. Chekhov is a man after my own heart. I can agree with him in almost everything. Chekhov treasured art with an effort and toil. We have the same understanding of morality. Every work of Anton Chekhov is a handbook of psychology for me. Last time I read “An Anonymous Story” in Russian, The characters of the story look at the people just like me. There are some quotations:

“Now that I am writing these lines I am restrained by that dread of appearing sentimental and ridiculous, in which I have been trained from childhood; when I want to be affectionate or to say anything tender, I don’t know how to be natural. And it is that dread, together with lack of practice, that prevents me from being able to express with perfect clearness what was passing in my soul at that time.”

“In spite of my experience of life, I know very little of mankind at that time, and it is very likely that I often exaggerated what was of little consequence and failed to observe what is important.”

“I have a terrible longing to live. I long for our life to be holy, lofty, and majestic as the heavens above. Let us live! The sun doesn’t rise twice a day, and life is not given us again – clutch at what is left of your life and save it…”


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